Fostering green practices on Bitcoin mining

Hathor Labs is proud to announce its first initiative in the environmental, social, and governance areas to further foster and support clean energy and renewables adoption for Bitcoin mining.

From June 10th to July 8th, 2021, a registration form will be available for the first batch of applicants currently merge-mining the Hathor Network tokens (HTR).


Watch the launch AMA on Cointelegraph

On Thursday, June 10th, Cointelegraph hosted an AMA session a Labs to launch the Hathor.Green Program, an initiative to encourage the usage of renewable energy practices for Bitcoin mining.

The event featured Hathor Labs CEO Yan Martins and MBA - UCLA Blockchain Faculty and 7CC Blockchain Investments Founder Alex Nascimento and Daniel Hwang (F2Pool) discussing the impact of adopting renewable energy practices for Bitcoin Mining.


How to Participate

Bitcoin Miners that merge-mine Hathor (HTR) and prove they use renewable energy will receive extra tokens as incentives from Hathor Labs.


How to receive extra HTRs

We will open the first batch of applicants via a form on Thursday, the 10th of June. 

Miners should provide Hathor Labs an energy bill that proves the usage of green energy, as well as the wallet address where they receive their mined HTR.

Hathor is available on

About Bitcoin and Green Mining

  • Bitcoin is a free market green energy incentive, which is why so many oppose it.

    Nic Carter Partner at Castle Island Ventures

  • We believe that the opposite is true: a world with bitcoin is a world that, at equilibrium, generates more electricity from renewable carbon-free sources.

    Brett Winton Director of Research Arkinvest

  • Providing miners that use green energy for mining Bitcoin with extra incentives is one of the greatest way to encourage others to follow it.

    Guto Martino Marketing Manager Hathor Network

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A Brighter Future

Hathor Network aims to be the first to lead the way to more sustainable mining for cryptocurrencies.

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Frequent Asked Questions

How can I join the Hathor.Green Program?

As a miner, apply from the  10th of June till the 11th of July.

How can I mine Hathor?

You can find all the information about mining, wallets and explorer  on our resource center,

Is it only for Bitcoin Miners?

No. Any SHA256 coin can also be used to merge-mining HTR.

How do I offset the CO2 from my data center?

On Q3 we will announce other initiatives for Miners who do not use clean energy but want to offset their content.

Hathor is available On